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Building Cracks Movement Gold Coast

Building movement and cracking is a hot topic currently with huge costs attributed to the repairs and litigation. See the article below highlighting these issues -


Buildings are designed to move and flex. Expansion joints and other modern building engineering systems allow for this and most movement is imperceptible. Once that movement becomes noticeable it can cause superficial damage leading to water leaks, paint damage and eventual concrete cancer (this is explained in our concrete cancer article)

Larger cracks or exposed steel can be a sign of structural defects and could require urgent engineering assessment and remedial planning before corrective works and costs skyrocket.

Older structures can be affected by new building constructions close to your building and cause movement and damage, if this damage is not rectified costs usually escalate over time.

We frequently recommend to our clients fixing problems in their infancy when the costs are reasonable rather than leaving the problem to worsen with escalated costs.

  • Structural

Some Building cracks and movement are of a structural nature which requires an assessment by our engineers to determine the best and most cost-effective course of rectification.

  • Non -Structural

Building cracks to non -structural areas can be cheaper to repair but again if left for any length of time the costs to repair will increase due to deterioration by external effects.

After this has been determined we can explain the process to our clients and put in place rectification process timelines and cost schedules for the completion of the repairs.



Building Cracking Moving Gold Coast
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