EPL Waterproof & Structural Solutions - can assist in locating leaks, rising damp, and ground water ingress and provide a detailed report on how to rectify the issue. Our Reports are designed to clarify the waterproofing/leak issue on your project and provide solutions and documentation for insurance, builders, asset owners and managers so that cost effective repairs can be made to prevent further water ingress into your investment.

EPL Waterproof & Structural Solutions can assist maintenance / property managers and owners in solving water leak issues for:

  • Basements

  • Car Parks

  • Roof Areas

  • Hydraulic service /supply cavities.

  • Water storage tanks concrete underground and above ground

  • We use state of the art thermal imaging systems which can identify moisture

  • Cavity cameras which reduce invasive destruction whilst locating the source of water issues

  • Underwater high definition video cameras with video footage available for clients and insurance organisations.

  • Periodic inspections to reduce long term cost of concrete damage

Our reports are independent and impartial and will focus on finding the correct long term sustainable waterproofing solution for your project. To assist us with a more accurate assessment we can also perform live flood tests and use state of the art thermal imaging and camera systems.