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Concrete cancer is a serious problem that occurs within concrete and is caused by the steel reinforcing rusting inside the concrete. As the steel reinforcing rusts, it expands, causing the concrete around the steel to be displaced and break away.

Some causes of concrete cancer can be due to inferior workmanship during construction, low concrete cover to reinforcing bars and mesh, years of untreated water ingress into movement cracks and micro cracks formed when the concrete is setting.

This problem can be repaired by the removal of the spalled concrete and treatment of the reinforcing bar corrosion. With the addition of new reinforcing bars fixed into the structurally sound concrete and the application of sacrificial anodes if required, the effected concrete area can be reformed with a high MPA chemically bonded mortar which will revert the damaged area back to a sound condition.

If concrete spalling or cracking is evident in concrete balconies, building facades, structural beams and columns, bridges and wharf structures, we can provide diagnostic analysis by our experienced technicians to identify the cause of the problem and to implement the correct rectification solution. 


If required, our qualified structural engineers can provide detailed remedial reporting and planning where structural issues are suspected.


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