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EPL Waterproof & Structural Solutions in conjunction with our building division EPL Technology can provide our customers with remedial building and waterproofing works including - rectification and corrective actions for buildings with defects, significant structural and/or water ingress issues.

We provide effective long-term solutions and rectification plans for a range of water ingress and dampness problems, in order to prevent long term water damage and rising costs (to structure and property).

Our team is strongly committed to providing a uniquely broad range of skills, as well as providing excellent, personalised customer service to assist with problems such as dampness, rising damp, mould, mildew and excessive localised humidity, including resultant musky odours, as well as the associated health risks involved due to inhalation of mould spores.


Our Remedial & Restoration building services include:

  • Initial assessment & Remedial Works recommendations

  • Repairs/replacement of damaged/cracked brickwork and facades

  • Repairs/replacement of damaged concrete, including due to concrete cancer

  • Repairs/replacement of damaged timber, including due to termites or dry rot

  • Repairs/sealing/replacement of damaged windows & doors

  • Replacement of lintel bars

  • Underpinning of existing building structure

  • Sub-floor ventilation and water drainage

  • Various structural repairs & upgrades

  • Modifications to provided upgraded fire ratings & thermal/acoustic ratings

  • Rectifying water ingress, rising damp and mould problems

  • Weatherproofing, including waterproof membranes, flashing & sealing

  • Repairs/replacement of damaged balconies, including re-tiling and balustrades

  • Re-rendering walls, including repairs to existing render

  • Painting and protective coatings

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