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Mixing gardens and the built environment is always a challenge. That’s why there’s a specific Australian Standard on how these building aspects need to be addressed. AS4654.2-2012


Waterproofing membranes for external above-ground use shows how gardens above or next to a building should be adequately built, waterproofed and drained. While if correctly built these gardens can provide an excellent design element, if not correctly built, planter boxes rooftop gardens and other landscape areas above structures can lead to moisture ingress, rising damp, concrete damage and concrete cancer, significant water leaks and almost certainly a devalued asset.

Waterproofing planter boxes, rooftop gardens and other types of above-structure gardens need to be impervious to water, adequately drained, and able to resist any plant growth that may be in the area. Plant roots are often the downfall of even a well-built planter box as over time they grow through a root barrier and into the surrounding brickwork allowing water into the area. Other causes of planter box or rooftop garden failure area can be the breakdown of the waterproof membrane, building movement or blocked drainage.

EPL Waterproof & Structural Solutions has extensive experience in rooftop garden, planter box and built-environment landscape repairs, remediation planning and re-waterproofing, focusing on our client’s needs and budgets.

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