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Water Features Fountains Gold Coast


From the smallest garden water feature to large scale commercial water landscapes, EPL has extensive experience designing, building, maintaining or repairing your water feature, water fall, water landscape or pond.

Adding a new water feature to your house, residential block of units, commercial property, land or building can add value, and it’s a great way to create a picturesque & relaxing space. And while building small water features can be a great DIY project, they can often have technical properties with electrical, plumbing, pumping, water treatment, waterproofing and ongoing maintenance considerations. Larger commercial water features and water landscapes also require attention of these aspects on a greater scale.

EPL manage water feature refurbishment projects, and can investigate covering options to suit any budget or need. A recent refurbishment project was leaking over $8,000 in water every year and our replacement build, not only looked great, payed itself off after only a few years. If your existing water feature is leaking, needs a simple configuration, or is tired and outdated and needs a complex reconstruction, EPL has the necessary experience in consultation, design, construction and maintenance of all types of water features.

When considering a new water landscape, or managing an existing large body of water, consideration must be given to maintaining a positive experience for visitors, including the look, smell and sight. Large scale pond and lake management including bacteria & aeration management, aquatic life, weed and vegetation control and water quality can be highly technical and involve many different engineering and landscaping disciplines. EPL has the capability through our associated businesses to tackle any water landscape issue.

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